JSC «Vitebsk carpets» is an enterprise of the mixed pattern of ownership without foreign participation. A prevailing share of the authorized capital (51,1%) is at the state ownership. JSC «Vitebsk carpets» is a part of the Belarus state concern of light industry.

The enterprise has bought and installed laboratory equipment for modeling and production of new designs of tufting carpet goods. This equipment allowed to carry out individual orders with dimension 1x1 m.
It was set in operation industrial printing machine “Chromoget” of firm “Zimmer” (Austria), which allowed to modernize the production of tufted coverings by means of introduction of new nozzle technology of printing on pile surface of carpets.
With the purpose of assortment expansion of double-piece jacquard carpets and increase of scope of output production it was purchased double-piece loom “Alpha 300”.

It was set in operation new tufting machine of firm Cobble “Pantera” 1/8 class, owing to which it was extended the assortment of tufted coverings and output of production with relief, combined and cut pile was carried out. And also it was bought device “Hanza-mixer” for output of modern tufted coverings on backing, characterized by good warm-soundproof qualities and heightened comfort.

2007, 2008
With the purpose of further increase of scope of production and assortment expansion of production the enterprise has bought two double-piece looms “Alpha 360”.
For output of competitive production of world level it was purchased double-piece loom “Alpha 400”, Germany, and also warping machine OPT-O-MATIC of firm “Karl Mayer”, Germany. With the purpose of increase of scope of output tufted coverings with loop pile it was bought new highly productive tufting machine “Sprint” of firm Cobble, Great Britain.

For further development under conditions of market system and business struggle on consumer's market there were bought two finishing lines produced by Belgian company «Bejimac-Sa» for finishing material application on woven carpets and finishing line of company «Zimmer» (Austria) with different kinds of additional finishing: antistatic, antisoiling and water-repellent finish and also application of gelling paste for production of rugs on rubber base.

In connection with increase of consumers demand and increase of scope of goods release there was bought one more high-productive tufting machine «Sprint» of «Cobble» company, Great Britain.

Two dyeing machines, press and centrifuge of German company «Thies» for fiber dyeing were placed in operation.


With the purpose of increase of release of quality production on markets of Republic of Belarus and outside it in accordance with program of reinvention of finishing equipment the enterprise has bought new finishing line produced by Belgian company «Evilo NV» with width 4,2 m.
Automated installation of uninterrupted overedging of two sides, semi-automatic cutting of carpets.

Goods feeding is controlled by electromotor with frequency inverter and measurement instrument of length. Line of twisting, automatic packaging and sealing of packing material.

In September 2011 double-piece loom produced by Belgian company «Michel Van de Wiele» CRP-92-400 was installed, speed of the loom is about 200 rpm, which will allow to increase the scope of released production.

In January 2012 JSC «Vitebsk carpets» has installed new high-productive loom CRP-92-405 produced by Belgian company «Michel Van de Wiele», which will allow to produce carpets with higher density on base 380 filaments on 100 cm.

In December 2012 new printing machine «Chromojet» of «Zimmer» company was

set in operation - the most far-reaching and expensive capital investment project, which was included in program of innovation development of Republic of Belarus. The given project was directed on product expansion, increase of scope of released goods.
For implementation of high-efficient methods of quality control and supply on this base of release of competitive products, joint stock company «Vitebsk carpets» was awarded a Premium of Government of Republic of Belarus for accomplishments in sphere of quality in 2012.
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