Re-equipment, technology modernization and creation of new kinds of products

JSC “Vitebsk carpets” is one of the oldest enterprises of textile branch of Republic of Belarus. At the same time, this is modern enterprise, producing competitive production. 

Priority direction of enterprise’s work is the program of double-piece weaving on modern looms with electronic jacquard. Re-equipment of the enterprise began in 1998 from acquisition of the first double-piece weaving loom STM-640/1. Over a period from 1998 till 2009 ten double-piece jacquard looms were bought.

So, during two last years 2008-2009 the enterprise bought and installed double-piece jacquard looms of the up-to-date models “Alpha-360” and “Alpha-400”, in connection with this fact there were drown capital expenditures for the total sum 6175 millions of rubles. The term of payback of carpet weaving loom is three years. The purchase of two carpet weaving looms of new generation for supplying the production of woven carpet goods near 2930 thousands sq. m. to 2015. The usage of technology of double-piece weaving on eight-color looms allowed to turn for the better consumers’ properties of carpet goods, to react quicker on market opportunities. Productivity of new equipment in 10 times more than productivity of old looms.

For improvement of quality rates of launched production we have realized an investment project on installation of warp machine of firm “Karl Mayer” for the total sum 940 millions of rubles.

In the perspective it is planned re-equipment of finishing production with the aim of improvement of quality characteristics of carpets and carpet goods, and also mechanization and automation of technological processes. In 2009-2010 it is planned an acquisition of new automatic line of finish with different types of additional machining processing of woven carpets and carpet items of four-meter width with packing them in modern packing materials, with the usage of the up-to-date technologies of marking and mechanized transportation on the warehouse of ready production, that will allow to realize the investment project for the total sum 793 millions of rubles.

In 2005 it was developed the launch of double-piece jacquard eight-color carpets with pile made of polypropylene yarn. These goods are characterized by modern design, new pictures, color spectrum. Here is used slanted shearing of pile wisps along the edges of the picture, that gives plastic of separate elements on the surface of goods.

The enterprise is the main producer of tufting carpet coverings with printed picture. For launch of competitive production in 2003 was begun re-equipment of tufting factory. The acquisition of new printed press “Chromodjet” of Austrian firm “Zimmer” allowed to get fundamentally new way of picture plotting on the pile surface of carpet covering. At the expense of picture replacement we got an opportunity to work under individual orders, on-the-fly to work out and to design coloration mounting, to increase color spectrum till eight colors. In 2006 it was purchased new tufting machine of firm Kobble “Panther” of 1/8 class, allowing to widen assortment of tufting carpet coverings at the expense of relief, combined and split pile.

In 2009 it was realized the investment project on acquisition of new high-speed tufting machine of firm Kobble “Sprint” of 1/10 class, which allows to increase the productivity in two times. The term of payback is 2.5 years.

It was purchased a new setting “Hanza-mixer” for launch of modern tufting carpet coverings on substrate, characterized by good warm- and soundproof properties, heightened convenience.

In 2009-2010 it is planned an acquisition of new finishing machine with different types of additional trimming: -mud- and water-repellent and another. The total range of investment for 2007-2008 is 7931 millions of rubles. Planning range of investment for 2009 is 8565 millions of rubles.

At present time, in conditions of market economy and competition, successfully function those producers, who can in minimal terms slave under needs of the buyer, producing different consignments of goods, both single and mass, and also having variable assortment of goods.

The advantage of JSC “Vitebsk carpets” is that the enterprise disposes of some technologies in contrast to our competitors. The wide assortment of launched production is an additional argument for attraction of buyers. Besides, specialists of the enterprise study new technologies, used in carpet industry (new types of stuff and materials, coloration mounting, structure of carpet coverings and so on), which are very popular among buyers, and all the innovations strive for applying in industry.

The enterprise is working at investment project of construction of a new building with location of ten weaving looms for production of double-piece jacquard coverings and goods. We invite potential investors for collaboration.

Understanding the need for application of progressive methods of quality control JSC “Vitebsk carpets” at the end of 2003 got a certificate on accordance of system of management and quality to demands of the standard STB ISO 9001-2001, which was confirmed at the end of December 2006 and prolonged till December 2009.

In December 2006 in joint-stock company it was applied a system of control of environment on the basis of international standards of series ISO 14001-2005, we got the certificate of accordance and it was prolonged till December 2009.

We propose new investment project of construction of new production building with installation of ten carpet weaving looms for the total sum 50 millions of rubles. The planning term of payback is 5years.

The enterprise has developed fundamentally new types of production:
  • coverings and goods of type “Skroll” with combined pile; represent goods with relief pile surface, formed by alternation of high split and low hinge pile. Due to the presence of pile of different height and structure creates volumetric picture of the surface of tufting covering, rich and attractive outward. Under plotting of printed picture on combined surface of covering it is used a method of discharge printing, which allows to get a tint of pile hinge from dark to light. Such a carpet covering looks rather striking;
  • woven and tufting coverings and goods of type “Shaggy” – that is carpet coverings with high hinge pile from strongly twisted and thermally worked up colorful Fraise yarn. In separate coverings “Shaggy” pile surface has curly look;
  • woven carpet coverings and goods with usage as pile basis of polypropylene yarn “BCF”, “Heat-set” and “Fraise”; 
  • mat from synthetic yarns.

The given investment project, planned by the enterprise, is directed to the achievement of aims and problems of organization on widening the assortment of launched production, launch of competitive production, responding to all the demands of the buyer, and also joint of capacity of the enterprise, dynamic annual growth of volumes of production and realization of production, achievement of characteristics of lowering material capacity and power intensity, raising of the rate of business activity of the enterprise in all spheres of activity and as a result, improvement of financial situation.

Acquisition of new highly productive equipment will allow the enterprise to raise the rate of production capacity till 99,6% in 2015.

One of the directions in sale of production of JSC “Vitebsk carpets” is constant search for large wholesale buyers, coverage of large quantity of regions in Russian Federation, countries of central Asia (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan), Ukraine and Baltic countries. At present time it is held active workup of opportunity of shipments in countries of EEC.

The high quality of launched production allows the enterprise “Vitebsk carpets” to occupy worthy place on consumers’ market.

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