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26 апреля 2013

Scale projects on modernization of production at JSC «Vitebsk carpets» should provide comfort intromission of the enterprise in new conditions of work, connected with intensification of competition on Russian market. Year 2012 was the most successful for more than century history of enterprise and here people have more ambitious plans, inculcating different innovations.

 Today in investment portfolio of the enterprise the project of inculcation of new technology of carpet coverings production, which will allow to release unique for Belarus double-piece jacquard carpets and coverings supershaggy with pile height till 70 mm. Scope of investment  will make, on preliminary calculations, not less 8 bill. of rubles. Purchased equipment corresponds to new generation of looms with higher characteristics of productiveness, power consumption and other. «As consequence we will tap into market with regular import-substituting product, which we make chipper and variety of color palette adaptive to home demand» – underlined chief engineer of joint stock Sergey Popov.

 For decennary at the enterprise about 20 projects were realized, but the highest investment activity «Vitebsk carpets» revealed in 2012, having installed new printing line, which costs 3,3 mill. Euro and this line has expanded the potential of the producer. The equipment with length about 100 m and width 5 m allowed to pass on 12-color printing. It can be compared with a huge inkjet printer. Such unique line and technology have only two producers in the world besides «Vitebsk carpets», not without pride sais S. Popov. Following the results of previous year total scope of investments in development of the enterprise exceeded 44 bill. of rubles, for the first time the factory released 12,7 mill. of sq. m of carpets. Though Vitebsk carpet producer is not going to stop on achieved and intends in 2013 to increase scope at least on 1 mill. sq. m of carpets. Summarizing the results of work in I quarter «Vitebsk carpets» increased release of production on 8%, rate of increase of workforce productivity on current prices composed 111,4%. Fully satisfying internal demand in this sphere of floor coverings the enterprise keeps positions on external markets. Production for export for the amount almost 11 mill. USD,  rate of increase is at the level 109,4%. In the structure of goods shipments almost 67% goes to Russia, where «Vitebsk carpets» occupies 10% of market and 3,8% to Kazakhstan and 5,6% to other countries (Moldova, Baltic countries). By estimate of S. Popov creation of Common Free Market Zone reduceв work of Vitebsk citizens with partners from Kazakhstan. Moreover market of this Asian country has its specific nature conditioned upon nearness of Turkey and Iran. «There we enter with tufted coverings, in this sphere our goods stand competition also at the expense of closer on logistics location in comparison with Middle East producers», - said S. Popov. Besides «Vitebsk carpets» are getting ready for serious competition on Russian market after finishing of process of joining of Russia to WTO.