07 October 2013

This collection was created on the base of familiar to buyers collection of high-density fraise «Lilac smoke». The same colors of yarn are used: lilac, dark lilac, grey, white. Changes touched the technology: now carpets without trimming have density 128 000 bundles on 1 sqm. And it means that they can be bought on lower price – price of usual fraise!

The collection has blot pictures that correspond to modern tendencies. Geometrical abstraction is presented extensively: designs on base of squares, forms with rounded corners, spirals, bent lines, favorite for the buyers «wave».

Amateurs of floral motifs and graceful designs also will find pictures for their taste. Carpets of new collection will give to interior atmosphere of romance and mystique, underline vivid individuality of hosts, create feel of coziness and shelteredness that is why they will be appropriate for bedroom and nursery.

See collection «Lilac smoke» in our catalogue.



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