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29 сентября 2012

Joint stock company «Vitebsk carpets» has started installation of new printing line, told to correspondent of BELTA deputy of general director in economics at JSC «Vitebsk carpets» Elena Chebotareva.

 Investment project on technical re-equipment of JSC «Vitebsk carpets» was included in program of innovation development of Belarus. Installation of printing line having no analogues in Belarus is the main stage in realization of project on technical re-equipment of finishing production of tufted carpets factory. New printing line includes equipment with length more 90 m and width 5 m. Printing line is installed at the enterprise instead of old one, which was running from 1980 and was modernized in 2003. One of qualitative characteristics of new equipment is its wide color opportunities: instead of 10-color printing the enterprise can use 12-color. Besides, this equipment will allow to increase capacity and to improve quality of production and to widen an assortment. To purchase printing line there will be spent 3,3 mill. Euro.

 Start up operations will be in October of current year. Till the end of the year the enterprise is going to purchase additional equipment, which allows to provide contingence of new printing line with other technological production processes and to increase effectiveness of work.

 JSC «Vitebsk carpets» is realizing program of technical re-equipment. At the beginning of current year there was installed new carpet loom, which allowed the enterprise to increase annual production capacity on release of woven carpets on 200 thousand sq. m.

 Totally in base capital on results of January – August 2012 was invested about 37 bill. of BYR. At the expense of active technical re-equipment the enterprise annually increases scopes of production with not changing quantity of workers. In January – August stock company has released 7,4 mill. sq. m that is on 12% more in comparison with last year.

 Being export-oriented enterprise, 70% of production of JSC «Vitebsk carpets» is sent to foreign countries markets. Following the results of January – August 2012 export of the enterprise was increased on 15%. «Vitebsk carpets» exports its production to Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Tadzhikistan.

 JSC «Vitebsk carpets» is one of the biggest enterprises of textile field of the country. It was found in 1947, stocked in 1994. It is the enterprise of mixed form of property without foreign part. The government has 51,1% in authorized fund. It is joined to concern «Bellegprom». At present time «Vitebsk carpets» haму mastered all kinds of goods produced by machines, from synthetic tufted carpets till high-density woven carpets with hand trimming of relief pictures. At the enterprise about 1,3 thousand of people are working.