31 May 2010

Regular novelty has replenished the assortment of production of JSC “Vitebsk carpets”. This time we want to surprise you with particularly natural product – this carpet with loop pile made of lute yarn, for drawing forming it is used polypropylene yarn. All collection may be seen in corresponding part of the catalogue.

Some information about jute yarn:

Jute grows on wet and swampy earth in countries with tropic climate: in India, Bangladesh, China, Nepal and Thailand, where now it is concentrated the basic production of this product. Ripening of jute lasts from 120 till 150 days. After blooming people begin harvesting. Stems are cut, gather in bundles and leave on the field on 3 days, in order to get rid of leaves. The bundles of jute stems are ret in the nearest water during 5-15 days. The stem of jute plant is covered with thick bark, in which wisps of fibers are located. In the process of maceration connecting plates are damaged, that ease separation of jute fiber from the stem. Fiber is separated from the stem by hand in water and wash thoroughly. For removal of excessive moisture jute fiber is hung on bamboo poles for drying during 2-3 days. Then fiber is sorted, laid in bundles and transported on jute market or for further processing – on the factory.

Advantages of jute fiber follow from its structure and composition:

- doubtless advantage is precious natural gold-beige color;

- high content of lignine (lignine is natural tar, connecting elementary fibers of plants, forming water conveyance channel, from this the hydroscope quality of jute,  protecting fiber from putrefaction), however, as for all coverings at getting of water on the surface it is recommended to remove it and to provide circulation of air for drying;

- rather hard surface of covering at the expense of peculiarities of structure of jute fiber, it may be said even some roughness, that one more time underlines naturalness of given product. In addition to this hard surface provides wonderful massage during walking on feet.

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